Gone Fishing

Fish: Recipes from the Sea has you covered with over 200 authentic Italian home cooking recipes for preparing fish and seafood. The chapters are divided by fish variety and include White, Oily, Flat, Freshwater Fish, and Seafood. From traditional seafood groups to simple grilled fish with herbs, all of the recipes are simple and explained with clear step-by-step instructions along with vivid color photography. Find it on Amazon.

Fresh + Easy

This is my kind of cookbook! Fresh and Easy. The collection of 75 step-by-step recipes that make the best of fresh, seasonal vegetables, fruit, meat and fish. And with the step-by-step color photographs showing the ingredients as well as explaining each stage of the recipe it’s hard to miss a step, whatever your culinary skill level. The recipes take you from dishes to share to BBQ's, picnics, brunch, breakfast, salads, supper and dessert. Find it on Amazon.

Say Cheese

Cheese: A Connoisseur's Guide to the World's Best leads you through the world of cheese like no other. Created by restaurateur Max McCalman known for Picholine and Artisanal restaurants in New York. He chronicles cheese similar to wines with detailed notes on producers, taste and appearance, stages of ripeness and seasonal availability, as well as pairing suggestions. Purchase this book at Amazon.

Perfect Imperfection

A Perfectly Kept House is the Sign of a Misspent Life celebrates life's clutter. If you've ever worried about having too much stuff, worry no more. Take inspiration from real-life taste makers including photographers, textile designers, fashion designers, writers and artists and how they integrate their lives and interiors to live in harmony with their passions, conveniences, and inconveniences. Purchase this book on Amazon.


Okay. You may opt for the more traditional style bird book when hitting the wooded trail. But with over 45 different species of birds beautifully illustrated, this may be a wonderful alternative when, perhaps, looking for The Great Spotted Kiwi. A wonderful collection of illustrations created by artist Jeffrey Fisher. Purchase Birdson Amazon.