Pencil to Paper

Who needs hi tech gadgetry when you have a set of Field Notes at your disposal. Perfect for jotting down tasting notes, directions to your favorite restaurant or the phone number of that girl who’s been staring at you for the last 15 minutes. Comes in three varieties, graph, ruled, plain or mix em up. 3-packs $10. Available at JCrew or at Check out more books in THE BOOKSHELF section of this site.


Wine Dogs is great book if you're a lover of dogs. Oh, and wine too. It's a charming photographic encyclopedia of the dogs that roam, work and rule the vineyards around the world. In the USA edition you'll find our 4 legged friends from Bedell Cellars, Sherwood House Vineyards, Shinn Estate Vineyards along with other vineyards from the North Fork, striking a pose. $28. All editions are available on amazon.

Shopping for a Cause

The mission, FEED and educate the world's 400 million hungry children. By purchasing an eco-friendly made, 100% organic FEED product you help to feed the hungry children of the world. This particular bag will feed 2 children in school for an entire year through the UN World Food Program. Right now all efforts are focused on feeding the children of Haiti in school. Bags range from $25 to $135 and can be purchased online.

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