On the Town: Orient Village

PHOTO BY JONI RENTZThe hamlet of Orient was originally settled in the 17th century with the King of England granting land to five families King, Terry, Latham, Tuthill and Vail, whose families still reign over the land. It’s a quaint seafaring village consisting of not much more than a General Store, Post Office and Yacht Club and home to some celebrated artists, writers and actors. A walk, drive or bike through the town will take you back in time. Village Lane is the main thoroughfare. Stop in at the Orient Country Store for an earful of local gossip dished in the back by the locals. Then there's Orient Linen Co. where you’ll find treasures of hand made bags, bedding, pillows etc. There are a number of historical buildings worth stopping into like The Oysterponds Historical Society. From there just wander down the many lanes that stretch out across the fields and out to the bay. You never know what you’ll uncover or discover. You’ll maybe even catch a glimpse of the elusive red fox darting about.

gyotaku - Fish Rubbing

PHOTO VIA EAST END FISH PRINTSHaving lunch one afternoon at Noah’s in Greenport I became transfixed with the fish prints lining the walls of the restaurant. The artist, Annie Sessler, whose East End Fish Prints based in Montauk, continues an art form called gyotaku, developed centuries ago by Japanese fisherman to serve as proof of their catch. gyataku, which means fish rubbing, uses the bodies of fish to print detailed representations on paper or fabric. Her prints are signed, one-of-a kind rubbings and can be seen at the upcoming Montauk Fine Art Show on the Green May 26 and 27. Or if you happen to find yourself dining at Noah’s, look up from the fish on your plate and enjoy the fish on the wall.

2012 Harvest Calendar

PHOTO BY DAVID KORCHINFarming on the North Fork is more than just corn and potatoes, it’s a vibrant farm industry cultivating and harvesting everything from asparagus to zucchini. Here’s the 2012 harvesting schedule for this season, and be sure to check out our FARMSTANDS page for the best of produce pickings.

Asparagus: May
Strawberries: May - June
: June - Sept
Broccoli: June - Nov
Cabbage: June - Nov
Lettuce: June - Oct
: June – July
: June – Oct
: July - Sept
: July - Nov
: July - Oct
: July - Sept
: July - Oct
: July - Aug
: July – Sept
: July – Oct
: July - Aug
: July – Oct
: Aug - Oct
: Aug - Oct
: Aug - Sept
: Aug - Sept
: Sept - Oct